The irresistible duo Gianluigi Trovesi and Gianni Coscia move together with an allusive wink of the eye through the world of Italian music. Pinocchio suddenly stumbles onto the stage searching for something to eat, a whiff of film music breezes past, and an Italian Opera

flutters in the ear. Sounds sway through the air to the heartbreaking tone of Trovesi's clarinet, while down below Coscia's accordion's wheezing breath rises faster and faster, as if attempting to wage a playful bet with each other. In their improvisations Trovesi and Coscia reach deep into the heart of every number, and while extending its horizons they love to entertain the sounds in a bit of mischievous play.“What was released in our collaboration," says Trovesi “was the true sound of the accordion and the clarinet and we experience this sound together, in order to tell a story with poetry, delicacy and humor.”

Umberto Eco, a friend of both musicians, says about their music: “This then is one way to add a popular dimension to cultivated music and a cultivated dimension to popular music. So there’s no need for us to wonder about, in which temple we should place the music of Coscia and Trovesi. On a street corner or in a concert hall, they would feel at home just the same.”





Gianluigi Trovesi & Gianni Coscia @ Bremme + Hohensee


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