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This young woman is an absolute Internet phenomenon. Out of nowhere a real musician emerges, young, attractive, highly talented, with numberless clicks jamming the airwaves and achieves in the world of jazz what others have demonstrated in pop and mainstream music. Kinga Glyk at twenty is not only the first front woman of a jazz band in her native country Poland, but at the moment the greatest jazz sensation on all the social networks across Europe.


Her career actually began at the age of 12 when her father, a drummer who, after discovering her talent, put her in the Glyk family trio PIK. Today, with the release of her third new record "Dream" by Warner Music and with numerous concerts already behind her, she has become a star in Poland and is blazing a trail through the European club and festival circuit.


Though original compositions dominate the titles of "Dream", Glyk offers her duo-version and viral-hit "Tears in Heaven" as well as her rendition of "Teen Town" a bow to Jaco Pastorius, the master of bass guitar. Mostly it's about being in the groove and having fun, but also about building a personal relationship with the listener through the music. "I am trying to share much more with the people than just playing fast and slow notes. I want to write songs that have something to say. Music is a great journey for me. I’m doing what I really love and that’s phantastic. My dreams are coming true quicker than I could ever have hoped!"  Is it any wonder she called her new album “Dream”.



“One of the most interesting bassists of the young generation.”
Michal Wilczynski (journalist Jazz Forum)




Hans Hielscher about Kinga Glyk @ Spiegel Online

Kinga Glyk im Spiegel Online the articel (german)


Kinga Glyk @ ARTE

Kinga Glyk bei ARTE

...Kinga Glyk @ ARTE


Kinga Glyk @ BILD

Kinga Glyk bei BILD

...Kinga Glyk @ BILD


Kinga Glyk @ MOX

Kinga Glyk bei MOX

...Kinga Glyk @ MOX



Joy Joy from Kinga Glyk's new album: "Feelings"

5 Cookies (feat. Anomalie)

Kinga Glyk's album: Dream


Kinga Glyk - on German TV, heute-Journal 3.3.2017 

Online available at the Mediathek of ZDF


Kinga Glyk



Kinga Glyk Trio - Donna Lee

Kinga Glyk Band Live - Hope

Kinga Glyk - Bass solo

On Tour

19.01.2020 D-Stuttgart Theaterhaus (Ticketlink follows)
24.01.2020 F-Metz Cité Musicale Metz
25.01.2020 F-Arles Cargo de Nuit
20.03.2020 F-Montbrison tba
21.03.2020 D-Mannheim Alte Feuerwache (Ticketlink follows)
22.03.2020 D-Nürnberg Kulturfabrik / Bluesfestival (Ticketlink follows)
22.03.2020 D-Roth Rother Bluestage (Ticketlink follows)
24.03.2020 D-Regensburg Jazzclub (Ticketlink follows)
25.03.2020 D-Aschaffenburg Colos Saal Tickets
26.03.2020 D-Hameln Hefehof (Ticketlink follows)
27.03.2020 D-Hamm Kurhaus (Ticketlink folgt)
28.03.2020 D-Bedburg an der Erft Schloss Bedburg (Ticketlink follows)
23.04.2020 D-Bad Kreuznach Loge Tickets
24.04.2020 CH-Basel Atlantis (Ticketlink follows)
25.04.2020 D-Kempten Stadttheater/Jazzfrühling (Ticketlink follows)
02.05.2020 D-Bonn Bundeskunsthalle (Ticketlink follows)
25.05.2020 D-Chemnitz Schönherrfabrik Tickets
04.06.2020 D-Ettersburg Schloß Tickets
14.11.2020 D-Dogern Sedus Werk (Ticketlink follows)



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